Repeated bluetooth drop every 30s ipad, Deezer Family, Samsung speaker

As the title says.


Using Deezer app on my 2020 iPad. Connect to Samsung AV5 speaker using bluetooth. After 30s the connection is dropped. Reconnect. Drops after 30. Repeat until giving up and using MacBook pro where the connection does not drop. Partner has same issues with her iPhone. Not predictable. Sometimes the connection will stick.

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Hey @drdarrengarside 

Thanks for reaching out.

So that we're able to replicate the issue here, could I please have the Deezer app version? You can find this in Settings > About.

Also, have you tried restarting devices and reinstalling the Deezer app?

8.38.0 (


Restarting app / phone (iPhone 6s, iOS 14.15.1) makes no difference.


Same phenomenon when trying to pair with my Polar Vantage M watch so perhaps its Apple Bluetooth and 3rd party vendors. V.v. irritating though.

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I totally understand you @drdarrengarside 

Keep an eye on 8.39, it should be rolling out to you soon, and then please report back to me.

I suggest you removing the app, restarting the iPhone and downloading Deezer again :thumbsup_tone2: