Playlist not playing the right songs.

  • 10 January 2021
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Some playlists aren’t playing the right songs. 


100% Ed Sheeran started working fine but after a few plays of the playlist it started playing other songs that weren’t  by Ed Sheeran and weren’t on that playlist. And the playlist was only meant to be Ed Sheeran songs. I find this really annoying. This also happens with 100% Shawn Mendes. However the 100% Imagine Dragons is fine for now. Could you please sort this out. Other than that I love Deezer.



2 replies

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Thank you for liking Deezer :pray:

It’s a happy revolution to see so many smiling faces here like you are.

Is it just this list with some tracks playing other tracks? Have you tried to reproduce this irritating issue on Web Player for example? Please do try, so it would be easier to follow from that, thanks.

You may also perform delete and install back app of Deezer.

Have a good day and stay safe this coronavirus time.

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Hi @Bliss can you please provide a screenshot of the songs that not correspond to the 100% playlists you mentioned above?