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Hi Guys,

since the last update the sort function for recently added tracks shows the newest song first whereas before the update the order was chronological from oldest at the top to youngest at the bottom of the list.
As I’m creating memories playlists the new order (newest first) is really annoying.

is this a bug or will you add a button with the next update to play playlists from bottom to top?


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Hi @JJ105 this is not a bug. The order "recently added" has always had the newest on top. I honestly do not recall that we have had this different ever. Maybe you are confusing it with another order? On which device have you noticed this change?
Hey Flo,

i cannot confirm this. Until updating the app on iOS device it was showing the youngest on the bottom of the list.

I’m working with yearly playlist for a few years now and I am 100% sure about the appearance of my playlists up until now.

Thanks anyway
I have my playlist order set to default so that when I add a new song to a playlist it goes to the end. However now whenever I add a new song it goes to the top of the playlist whilst all the songs that were already in the playlist are in the default order? Anyone else having this problem?
Hi there! I have the exact same problem. I have all my playlists in default order so newest track goes to the end, however now if I add a song it goes to the top whilst the rest stay in default order?
Is the same problem as you’re having?
Hi Same problem here too why have dezzer changed this it makes no sense please put the original order back
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Hi there @benoliverwilson98

I've moved your comment here so that you could see what the community has been discussing. I've passed the feedback on!
With the new update whenever I add something to a playlist it now goes to the top instead of the bottom. Why is this?
Same problem here, is there a way to change this?
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Hey there @peterlisawalker

We've already reported this to our devs who are looking into it 😉