Offline when connected to wifi

  • 27 September 2018
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Dear Deezer

My Deezer app on my iPhone is always saying it is offline when I am connected to wifi.
At home at my parents with friends every wifi.
It works fine with 4g
How can we solve this???

Best answer by Rafael. 21 November 2018, 12:19

Please reinstall the app 😉
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6 replies

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Hi there, what version of Deezer have you installed and which iOS? Please give us more information about that, also include a screenshot of the error message and we are happy to look into it 😉
i have same problem on my 2 iPads. iOs 12 with latest deezer version
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Please reinstall the app 😉
reinstalled app . when I try to login I get 'Error Not Found'
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Hi there @Bryan18889

Sorry that's happened. What's the device, OS and app version that you have?
iPhone 6
OS 12.4.1
App version 7.17.0