Music stops playing on Deezer iOS app

  • 12 January 2021
  • 2 replies

I am having this problem for almost a year now. Sometimes everything works perfect. Sometimes (or a lot actually) the music stops playing when my phone goes locked/screen goes black.

Sometimes I have to log out and in again to make it work. Sometimes I have to reinstall the app. I have also tried to delete the app, turn my phone off, turn my phone on en install the app again. But the problem remains/keeps coming back.

Another thing I had twice was that I wanted to log back in and I got a notification that my password was wrong. It wasn’t and I had to create a new one. 

My device is an iPhone 6S with IOS 14.1

2 replies

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Hey there @Nouschka Geradts 

Thanks for reporting this and for your utmost patience.

What version of our app have you got at the moment? Have you checked if your iPhone settings have allowed the Deezer app to work in the background? It shouldn't stop but we can try to reproduce the issue here if you provide us with more details :pray_tone2:

Hey Rudi,

Thanks for your reply.

At the moment I have version 8.30.0 ( of the app.

Yes I do have allowed the Deezer app to work in the background. I don’t think this is related. When my phone is in battery saving mode it has the same issue. It can work/play properly, or not.