Metallica artist page/view doesn’t show discography

  • 20 September 2021
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Why doesn’t the iOS app show any discography for Metallica on their artist page? I have the same issue when using the B&O app as well, thought that might indicate that there is info missing linking Metallica with all their great albums.


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7 replies

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Hello @HenrikSE 

Thank you for reporting this to us.

Could you please share a screenshot of the Metallica’s artist page to be able to check it out, please?

Also if you could inform us the Deezer version that you are using on your iOS device. Does that happen only on the iOS and B&O app? Have you tried the desktop app/web browser?

Enjoy Deezer!! :flashlight:



I’m on iOS version 15 with Deezer app version (Swedish locale). If I use the web browser the albums are listed at the bottom of the artist page. The issue is both in the Deezer iOS app and in the B&O iOS app (although I believe the B&O app is a bit out of your control but might be using the same APIs).


I’m enjoying Deezer, just missing a few of my favourite albums. At home I use the B&O app to consume streaming music, in the car and on-the-go I use the Deezer app.




I might also add that the section “latest release” is not appearing on the artist page either.

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I might also add that the section “latest release” is not appearing on the artist page either.

They seem to have famous problems with artist pages.

There’s many empty pages as well. Just artist name and no releases even if there is.

I’ve been reporting it to Rudi, but now there’s no Rudi, so I don’t think it will go anywhere now.

On other platforms like Taidal and Spottily it’s all sorted!!

I decided to look for realiable provider and changed Deezer for Spottily.

It might be related to yours as well.

Enjoy Metallica!!

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Hey @HenrikSE thanks for reporting this. 
This was temporary due to a redelivery. The problem has been fixed now. :nerd:

Thanks @Jaime. and @Alfredo. for prompt response! Enjoying Deezer even more now!

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Thanks to @Jaime. 

A super star!! :ribbon: