locked screen issue with iOS 12

  • 30 July 2019
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Music isn’t playing on my locked screen. I’m using a device of version ios 12 (recently updated). Whenever I start playing my favourite tracks and lock my screen, suddenly the track stops. Also when I unlock the screen, I have to start playing from the beginning and I am taken back to the main home page. Please do find a solution for this issue...

With regards
Vinayak Aravind

3 replies

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Hi there @Vinayak Aravind

Sorry to hear that. Have you tried reinstalling the app to see if it helps?
I did that. I reinstalled my Deezer app. But still no use. Again it stops playing tracks when my phone is locked.
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Hi there, I guess you have the lock screen option unticked. Please go to your phone settings, find deezer > siri & search > allow on lock screen. Let me know if it helps!