Issue with Deezer and LG group speakers with chromecast built-in

I have a LG soundbar SJ8, 2 speaker LG 8540 and 1 LG 8350. I created a group with the google home app. if, for example, i start listening a song on Deezer iOS app casting on the group, it usually stops after a little. then if I press pause and then play I still have no sound on the speakers. So i have to stop casting to the speakers (and the song starts playing on my iphone). If I try to cast again to the group the deezer app gives me a message to wait but even if i do it nothing happens. I have to close and re-open the deezer app to make it work again, but even if I try again the same procedure, after 1-2 songs the same problem will occur.

I think it's a deezer app issue because if I try to listen a radio with tunein app and cast to the group I have no problems. and if I connect my account to the LG musicflow app I can listen whatever I want without problems (clearly, the LG app is more limited in the features than the deezer one).

so...what solutions do you have???? thank you!!!

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Hi there, we are currently working on Chromecast in general. If you would be so kind to let us know which version of the Deezer app, which iOS Version you have on your mobile device and which Chromecast version (if any) would be great.
Thanks for the reply! so...

iOS: 12.0 (16A366)
Chromecast: 1.21.75965