iPhone Bluetooth stopping to stream after last deezer update

  • 17 May 2019
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Hello everyone
after the last app update the deezer songs stop playing after 5/7min in my car
via USB it works perfectly. So the bluetooth seems impacted by yhe app update

any help ?

Thanks guys


8 replies

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Hi there @hubert

Have you tried reinstalling the app and pairing it to your car again? I'd also connect the car to the phone first, then open the app. Let me know if it helps.
I tried and It not working : reinstalled app and repaired the phone. Still it plays and then stop

help ?

still not working
really frustrating - i changed from spotify to deezer for better - o really enjoyed it but now cammot anymore
please help @Rudi
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Hey @hubert

Thanks for your patience. We may need to report this to our devs. Could I please have more info and details about it?
What's your app and OS versions, device and car models?
Hello, it is an Iphone running on latest IOS 12 3. 1
car is a BMW 3
it was working just fine before update in deezer
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HI @hubert sorry for the late reply. can you please tell us exactly the version of the Deezer app you have? I know you have the latest one, but we need to precise in order to be able to help in this.
Hi there
it is
so far it make it is make to normal on the car
however on a random bluetooth device like speaker it is doing the same thing
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@hubert Hey! The version you have is the latest, so you shouldn't have this issue. However, I am afraid I cannot understand what you mean by "so far it make it is make to normal on the car". Do you mean that it's working properly on your car now but you're still having issues on other devices?
If the problem in your car is not fixed, it would be great if you could test it in a different car and let us know if the issue persists in a different vehicle too 😉