iOS Issues - Symptoms and Answers

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Having problems with your iOS device?

When it comes to technical difficulties the simplest answer is usually the correct one.
So, firstly, turn it off and on again.

If that didn’t work, we’ve tried to help by including ‘symptoms,’ so you can relate what you see on Deezer with the right issue and solution.



  • ALL - This is the second thing to do with any issue

Possible Solution

Uninstall and reinstall the Deezer app
  1. Delete the Deezer app from your device (touch the app and hold, then touch the cross that appears in the right hand corner)
  2. Restart your device
  3. Reinstall the app
  4. You may have to restart your device again afterwards

Update your Deezer app and iOS version


  • Email address not accepted
  • Playback issues
  • Problems using Deezer features

Possible Solutions

The most likely reason for this is that your Deezer app is out of date. Make sure you have the most up-to-date version on your iOS device.
  • Update your Deezer app if necessary
  • Update your iOS device

Smart Cache


  • Playback “hiccups” (stops and starts)
  • Deezer app being “slow”
  • An error message saying “storage is full”
If you have interrupted playback that keeps stopping at random intervals, you most likely have a problem with your smart cache.

Possible Solution

The great thing about iOS is that you can delete your smart cache and keep your downloads.
  1. Go to My Music
  2. Tap the Settings button
  3. Tap App settings
  4. Scroll to Smart Cache
  5. Select Empty Smart Cache

Choosing a “Clean Install”


  • Downloads disappeared
  • Playback issues with sporadic connection

Possible Explanation and Solution

This issue is commonly associated with iOS devices following a major update to the operating system.
As part of the installation process of a new version of iOS, some users choose to perform a clean install, clearing your device's cache; unfortunately, this also causes all content downloaded through Deezer to be lost.

In order to download your tracks again, navigate the desired album/playlist or track and toggle the Download button so the colour turns green, indicating it's enabled.

Just so you know: You can download tracks on Wifi or mobile data. So, check the Deezer app settings if you are concerned about your data usage and wish to disable downloading with your data.

Other Symptoms and Solutions


  • Deezer says you have no internet connection on WiFi

Possible Solutions

  • Log out and turn off the app (make sure it is off in the background too)
  • Turn off your WiF
  • Wait for about two minutes
  • Restart the phone
  • Enable WiFi
  • Open the app and log in

If none of these get you back on track, have a look to see if anyone else has created a thread with your problem.

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Hey guys and girls!

I’m a bit miffed. I have an old I pad mini 1st generation and deezer will not recognise my password or email address. iPad says “invalid email address or password”. I am only able to use iOS version 9.3.5.

I cannot update as my processor is not capable. I don’t wanna throw my iPad out because it still works with other apps just fine. Missing my!
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Hi @KateRVN, IOS 9 is absolutely fine. Have you tried to reset your password? Also please make sure that password has less than 14 characters as this can cause issues with IOS devices 🙂
I have an issue with iPhone X. The song I pick in any playlist, it's not the song that is reproduced. Has anyone this problem? Thanks!
I just upgrade my iPhone and the new sw release does not match with Deezer.

I would like to understand if this problem will be fixed.
Matheus Leal
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Hi @Matheus Leal, I believe this topic will help you 🙂
Hi , when I'm listening to my music now , it keeps cutting off and telling me to login . Also I can no longer get the screen up on my mobile to be able to skip tracks .

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Hi @ticherooni , please try the procedures above 😉
the app did not let me download some tracks it skips some and never downloads them, other songs just download fine. this is frustating 😞
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@jug2112 does this happen on wifi as well as mobile network?
On my iPad I am connected to the Internet through the Lightning To USB Camera Adapter and a USB LAN adapter.
However, the Deezer app doesn't seem to recognise this setup. I can't log into the Deezer app, a popup appears stating: "You're not connected to the Internet"

Any help appreciated. Thanks
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Hi @jkrueger , have you tried the troubleshooting above? 😉
Yes, I have. New install on a newly purchased iPad mini 4 and a clean install on an iPad mini 2. Everything works fine if WiFi is enabled. The error message during login actually is "You must be connected to the Internet to use this app."
Does connecting through a LAN adapter work for other users?
The app doesn’t let me hear any playlists from others or any songs that I have not downloaded.
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Hi @jkrueger we haven't heard of that issue yet as users usually are connected via wifi. I can't promise that there's something we can do, but I will definitely pass it on to our developers!

I have the Deezer app and every time I try and listen to music when I come of the app it doesn’t allow me to. The music just stops. It only plays when I am on the app. Why does it do this ?


Thanks, @Anja. Should be easy to fix. My setup is working with the apps of other music streaming services I tried 🙂
Hi all!

On the latest available version of Deezer from the App store. Iphone is fully patched.
Deezer keels logging me out. Now during play too.
Really annoying.
Any suggestions?
I'm not connected to wifi but I've got data on my phone and it won't let me search for a song it saying I'm not online! What going on?
Hi there, just wanted to mention that sometime I have issues with my downloaded music. The albums I created don’t open and I am not able to listen to my favourite tracks. Also I was flying recently and wasn’t able to listen to my downloaded tracks. Can you please advise? Thanks. Regards, Jana
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Hi @James.Hall , @Hollyrich05 , @dobster1 please try the troubleshooting above ;)

Hi @janahipkiss , the procedures above will erase the songs you have downloaded, please save the downloaded songs in a playlist first 😉
Yeah, I had to remove the app and reinstall after restart. This seems to have remedied this problem and another one with wacky personal mix which kept bashing me with Christmas songs! :)

Thank you!
HI Anja,
I seem to have the same issue using the app on an iPhone SE, with a subscription. I have already emptied the cache and reinstalled the app. Unfortunately, that hasn't resolved the issue. It's not account related, as on the Mac, it's working fine. Any good advice appreciated.
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@carosan did you take a look at this post?
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HI Anja,
I seem to have the same issue using the app on an iPhone SE, with a subscription. I have already emptied the cache and reinstalled the app. Unfortunately, that hasn't resolved the issue. It's not account related, as on the Mac, it's working fine. Any good advice appreciated.

Sorry for the late reply. So Deezer stops after every song on your iphone? Does this always happen or only if Deezer runs in the background or if the phone is logged? Does this happen on mobile network as well as on wifi?
Hi. I have a problem with my Mitsubishi (ASX 2018), I can hear my music with bluetooth, but not with cable, because the songs are changed every 2 seconds to the next. Anyone know how I could solve this? At the dealership they tell me that it is the application's problem, because with other applications like YouTube and Music it works correctly. I have the updated app on my 2 Iphones.