iOS App complications when connected to headphones

Hi there

I've recently bought a new pair of Bose SoundSport bluetooth headphones.

When I listen to music through the Deezer app there's a hissing noise which is particularly noticeable at the start and end of a track. It doesn't matter whether I've downloaded the music or am streaming.

I am listening on an Apple SE iPhone.

I haven't got the same issue with Spotify or Apple Music.

Thanks for any help!


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Hi there @gjedmunds

Welcome to our community! Have you tried reinstalling the app? I haven't seen any other reports about this but if reinstalling doesn't help, please increase the cache for the app.


I recently ordered a new pair of bluetooth headphones, the Marshall Monitor II ANC and yesterday when testing these out the deezer app crashed after a while and when I reopened it, it crashed again. I have reset the headphones and reinstalled the app but it kept crashing after some time. Maybe it’s something about the 2 bluetooth connections that the headphones use, I don’t know. Is there a way I can fix this?



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Hi there @Erik Somers 

Thanks for reporting it. Have you restarted your iPhone? Do you open the app before connecting them? Let us know which OS and app version you've got, so that we can try to help you further :thumbsup_tone2:

Hi @Rudi 

I have restarted my phone but it still crashes sometimes. Then, I usually try to disconnect the headphones and remove the app from the ‘background’ so that I have to restart it again. Next, I open another app but weirdly, I reopen Deezer and it still knows what song I was listening to.  I don’t know if I connect my headphones first or open the app, but does that make a difference? I have Apple 13.3.1 on my IPhone 11 right now and I think I have the latest app version because there is no update available in the app store. 

Thanks for helping



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Hi again @Erik Somers 

That's very interesting to know. Try opening the app after connecting the headphones - it has made a difference in the past, for other settings.

The Deezer app will remember what you've been listening to because our queue lists are cloud-based. So if you open your Deezer account on another device, it'll do the same :smirk:

Could you tell me more about these 2 Bluetooth connections the headphones have? By the way, have you tried different headphones?

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When my iPhone 7 is connected to my Bose Noise Cancelling Headphones the Deezer app does not work.  It is very slow to load and on most occasions crashes whenever you want to play music after a couple of seconds of attempted playback.  Sometimes it will not crash, but music won’t play or play for a second and then stop.

The headphones work well with other devices and show no issues when listening to Apple Music in the same phone.

The phone is running the latest software, the Deezer app is updated and so is the headphone’s firmware.  I have tried forgetting the device and reconnecting, turning the phone off and on and nothing has worked.

I have been a Deezer fan for years and would be sad to have to say goodbye to the service and all the likes I have given to my favorite music.

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Raised a similar thread in Bose’s forum

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Hi @fVoss we’re sorry to hear you’re experiencing this issue. Please bear in mind that listening to music is using a lot of date, so please make sure you are using strong Wifi or your Deezer music is downloaded. 

Thank you for already trying troubleshooting steps and ruling out other sources of issues :slight_smile:

Could you please let us know how exactly you are connecting your Bose Noise Cancelling Headphones to your iPhone 7?

Please make sure Apple Music and all other apps with audio are closed in the background, too, before listening to Deezer.

It would be sad to see you leave, we would like to help you fix this. Thank you

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This happens almost every time when connected via Bluetooth.

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This seems to need more of an investigation @fVoss @Erik Somers @gjedmunds. Could you please let me know which version of our app do you have so that I can pass the info to our devs?

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Hello @fVoss @Erik Somers @gjedmunds,


Can you try these steps and tell me if there is any improvement?

Quit Deezer app. Open the Settings app, scroll down, select Deezer and disable the Bluetooth permission. Then open Deezer app and try to play a song on your Bluetooth headphones.


Thank you.