iOS and Apple Watch Deezer apps full connection loss with PC since three days.

  • 12 January 2021
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Up until a few days ago I could walk around the house and change the volume and play/pause deezer on my desktop using both my apple watch and my iphone. 


A few days ago this connection just stopped. All that functions now is that the song played syncs between devices. But if my desktop is playing and i press forward on my apple watch it gives an error message on the pc saying “we stopped because your account is personal and can only be used in one place” and it starts playing on my iphone. Which is extremely annoying. 


Proper use: desktop, ios, can be managed through iphone and the device on which the music plays can be selected. 


Due to the very premium price I expect full functionality. 


What I have done so far:

Deleted PC app

Deleted PC browser history for deezer

Deleted Iphone app (restarted before reinstalling)

Deleted apple watch app


With zero result….


When i look on the “playable devices” on my iphone. It does not show te pc as a playable device. My estimate is that this is where the problem lies. Weird, because a few days ago everything worked just fine :(.


Help please.



1 reply

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Hi there @Rymlen 

Thanks for reporting this and for your patience.

PC's are generally not considered as a device for that effect anyway, so don't worry about that.

Make sure all the apps have the option synchronised queue-lists on. And ensure that all apps are connected with the same credentials.

Also, you can download our latest version 4.32 for desktop and look for 8.30 on your iPhone. Keep us posted!