In shuffle musics i didn’t dowload are downloaded

  • 19 August 2021
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Hi , I’m on iPhone 6s with Deezer premium, and I have to free up space on my phone.

deezer downloaded songs are taking 8,6 Go of storage but I know I didn’t downloaded this much music . And the application in itself weights only 50 mo

the fact is that in offline mode , when I start the shuffle mode (not the downloaded shuffle mode but the one that is in the window before tapping on the downloaded music button) there is some songs I don’t know , that I never listened before, playing. They re fully downloaded but when I try to search em to offload them they don’t show up and I can’t find em.

i tried everything except deleting deezer then redownload it (don’t want to re download all my songs , it would take so much time) 

what can I do to delete those songs I don’t know and finally free up space on my phone?

1 reply

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Hi @Mercierkohrl 

Thanks for reporting this.

Firstly, what's your Deezer app version?

And when you're on offline mode, how do you play your music? Perhaps that'll help us understand what's triggering the app to play other songs.