I'm trying to put some albums in my favorites but I can't

  • 4 August 2021
  • 7 replies

I'm trying to put some albums in my favorites but I can't ... I can with artists and with the single song but not with an entire album. I’m using ios

7 replies

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Hi there @Andrea79 

Thanks for reaching out to us.

How many favourite albums have you got so far?

Can you try adding a favourite album on desktop for example? i have 14 albums ... using the free version i was able to put them in my favorites, i upgraded to the premium version and i can't put them anymore. at the moment I don't have the possibility to use a pc (I'm not at home for a few days)

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Thanks for coming back on this @Andrea79 

Could you please go on the app settings and check the Deezer app version you have installed? Also, are you getting an error message?

the installed version is 8.44.0 ( I'm not getting any error messages. using the pc app i have no problems

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Hi @Andrea79 

Please delete the app completely and reinstall it. That should solve the problem. :slight_smile:

thanks ... I tried uninstalling the app and installing it again but it still didn't work ... anyway, after a couple of days it started working ...

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Glad it works, enjoy your Deezer. Thanks.