I can play music on my computer but from some reason i can’t play any music on my phone

  • 22 June 2020
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i have a problem on my app

i can play music on my computer but from some reason i can’t play any music on my phone.

it says it can’t log the song. the i’m using wifi, any other app is working and the searching for album song and artist is working, the songs recognize also. the only thing that doesn’t work is the actual songs

i’ve tried to reinstall the app, turn off the phone and everything that is written here

what should i do? 

9 replies

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Hi @Sean Caspi,

Do you have the same loading issue on Wi-Fi and mobile network? If if is only on mobile network, what is the name of your operator? In which area are you located?

Also, how much storage space is left on your device? Downloading may fail if there is not enough space to store the audio data, even temporarily.

i have 32 Gb free. 

i don’t have any wifi issues because i’m using wifi for any other app, plus when i tried yo use the mobile network it didn’t work as well

one last thing, when i can use the app for searching songs and artist and the app can recognize songs, therefore i believe the app has a connection to the network.

 i’m from israel the and my operator is “partner”


Same problem here


Vodafone Germany

But also after reinstalling the app i am unable to Login. The app doesnt finish loading when i try to login.


@GuillaumeDZ i’m using iphone xr

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Hi there @Sean Caspi 

Thanks for coming back. We've forwarded your details to our devs, including @GuillaumeDZ

Hey @Herbaomnis what app version have you got? Have you tried logging in after restarting your phone and on another network? (i.e. WiFi)


Andriod 8.0.0

After removing the SD-Card and reinstalling the APP, it works.

It appears that the sd-card is broken.

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Thanks for coming back, super helpful. It could be that something in our app isn't helping either @Herbaomnis any chance you can try with another card?

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Hi @Sean Caspi,

When you open an album page or a playlist page, do the tracks appear or is it displayed “No tracks”?

Can you share a screenshot of the error message you are receiving?