how to scrobble from ios to

  • 13 September 2019
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I am wondering how I may scrobble from the deezer iOS app to

thank you

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9 replies

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Hey @Private Person

Thank you for your query. I'll ask one of our community superusers to share tips with you. @bluezzbastardzz can you kindly cover this with @Private Person 😉
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Deezer's internal scrobbling option which you can only enable in the web player (Alerts & Sharing tab) works for all devices and apps, also on iOS. Today there were some problems at, so no one could scrobble for a few hours, but in this case Deezer uses a scrobble cache, as far as I know, so they will appear on your profile later when works again.
I have linked my lastfm account to deezer, but only songs played on my mobile phone are scrobbled. But I also have the Deezer app on my iMac. How to scrobble from there @bluezzbastardzz?
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Should work as well, there is no extra option in the desktop app for connecting to If that does not work for you on an iMac, I don't know what might be wrong. Where have you connected Deezer and, in the Deezer web player in your browser? And maybe you use an external scrobbling app on your phone - Android or iOS?
Yes but how do you set it up?
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That just opens the app 😞 no connecting settings
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What you should see is this if you are already connected:


If your Deezer and accounts are not linked yet, the logo is greyed out. Clicking on the "Link" button will start the connecting process including authentication with your account which you have to confirm then.

Remember that you have to open this page in a browser on your desktop computer or laptop (not on an iOS device), and you should be logged in on your account as well. See also the updated FAQ on about Deezer scrobbling.

There could be another problem that you are a Family member, so only the main account owner can see this, but not you. This can only be fixed by Deezer with separate Family logins for each member with an individual email address. An alternative method is using the Web Scrobbler browser extension for each Family member which is described in the FAQ mentioned above. It would only work with the Deezer web player though, not on an iOS device with the Deezer app. On an Android device you could use external Android scrobbling apps which also support Deezer like Pano Scrobbler, Scroball, or the official Android app.

Last but not least some antivirus or malware blockers are known to prevent the authentication in your account, so you would have to disable them during the process.

 @Rudi: Maybe you can also update the Deezer support page about connecting to and other social websites which only has a few words and no screenshot?

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Hi there @bluezzbastardzz

That's an excellent idea. Will discuss this with the rest of the team and use your posts as guidance. Should be in touch about this soon 👍🏼