For the past few days my Deezer has stopped connecting to my mobile network

  • 24 June 2020
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For the past few days my Deezer has stopped connecting to my mobile network, I’ve checked all the options and it’s ok however it only connects to WiFi and not my EE network

4 replies

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Hi @Maciel13,

There is currently connection issues on EE 4G network, we are investigating with EE.

The first thing to do is to reach EE support so that they can evaluate the amount of impacted users.


Are you a new EE customer? Did you change anything in your plan configuration recently? Any option subscribed or cancelled like the Music Data Pass?


Can you try these steps and tell me if it has any impact on the problem ?

Log in to My EE app or website, then go to Settings > Content Lock, change it to Off and restart your iPhone.

If it is already Off, change it to Strict, restart your iPhone, then change it back to Off and restart your iPhone.

I followed the above steps and it doesn’t change anything. I managed to login by using WiFi but now everything just says “Loading, almost there” but never loads. 

I have the exact same issue and it’s infuriating 😒

Also I need to be able to use my 4g via Apple CarPlay whilst driving so WiFi is not an option for me

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Hi @Paul.West,

Could you tell me if you are a new EE subscriber or if there has been any modification in your plan recently that could relate to the issue?