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  • 18 February 2020
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If I go to the artist page from a song from my favorite tracks, and it is an artist that I am a fan of (i.e. clicked the heart), the heart is not filled and it looks like I’m not following the artist.

However when I go to my artist list, the particular artist is there and going to its page, the heart is filled. And the “Added” button is correct on web player too. So functionally everything seems ok, it just looks like a visual bug on the artist page while arriving from favorite tracks.


Best answer by Meesha 28 February 2020, 15:40

Hi @Rudi, thanks for your reply, it seems that reinstalling the app fixed it, thanks :)

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6 replies

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Hi @Meesha thank you for contacting us. So far, I was not able to reproduce the issue. Does this happen with all artists or just with some? Could you please double-check whether you favourited these artists?

Could you please let us know which phone model you are using? What is your operating system and your Deezer version? 

Hi, I think I found more relevant information:

  • Kill the app so it has to load from the scratch
  • Go directly to favorite tracks
  • Open artist page from any song → the heart won’t be filled
  • Go to artist list
  • Go back to favorite tracks
  • Now when you visit the artist page the heart is filled

So it looks like the app needs to preload the artist list and if you don’t do that after the app start, it won’t know which artist you liked.

I am using iPhone Xs 64GB, iOS 13.3.1, Deezer 8.5.0 (

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Hi @Meesha 

Thanks for getting back to us and for your patience. Have you tried reinstalling the app to see if the issue persists? Let us know, it could be a cache issue :thumbsup_tone2:

Hi @Rudi, thanks for your reply, it seems that reinstalling the app fixed it, thanks :)

Dear @Rudi,

I am seeing this problem on the web player. I am on Opera. Here are some screenshots that show the problem:

Both these artists are in my favorite list but the heart icon is not filled. Would you please take a look?


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Hey @Jy Sh 

Thanks for reporting - silly question: have you tried clearing cache and cookies from Opera to see if it helps?