Fast forwarding issue

  • 30 July 2019
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since about a month ago when the new Deezer look overhaul has been pushed to iOS, I’ve been having problems with fast forwarding currently playing songs, as well as skipping them.

Long story short - it works, but not as good and reliable as before. When playing music and listening to it on my earphones, double or triple clicking the button on them, and then holding it (to fast forward a song) initiates the wanted action, but very slowly. Sometimes it skips the whole song instead of fast forwarding - and no, it’s not because I didn’t click the button fast enough. Skipping songs with the button also is very slow.

It seems like the App is not very responsive when I’m using the button on my headphones for skipping music or fast forwarding.

It wasn’t like this before. The App was blazing fast when doing these actions. Everything was done in a snap.

1 reply

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Hi there, without your headphones, is everything working well? Have you already reinstaled the app?