Deezer stops playing on car bluetooth

  • 31 January 2019
  • 5 replies

Hi, so I have my iPhone 8+ paired with my new VW Golf via Bluetooth. Deezer starts playing fine, but when I select next track, it just stops playing. I have no problems with iTunes music or Spotify - both work fine in my car. Any answers?

5 replies

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Hi there @sdh

Are you using CarPlay? Have you tried reinstalling the app to the latest version?
No, not using CarPlay,. Just using the Golf’s Bluetooth connection.
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Hi @sdh

Have you tried reinstalling the app? What OS do you have on your iPhone? Please make sure both OS and our app are up-to-date 😉
Hi Rudi, as mentioned in my post, it’s an iPhone 8+ and, yes, iOS is fully up to date, as is Deezer app. This is pretty frustrating. I do prefer Deezer over Spotify, but this issue is a showstopper.
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Hey @sdh

Sorry to hear that, I know it's frustrating.
I've asked you if you've reinstalled the app. Have you?
The connection between Deezer and VW cars isn't officially supported. I also haven't seen other iOS users reporting a similar issue - but I'll keep an eye on this.
Any firmware updates available for your car? It's worth checking it.