Deezer stops playing on car bluetooth

  • 31 January 2019
  • 9 replies

Hi, so I have my iPhone 8+ paired with my new VW Golf via Bluetooth. Deezer starts playing fine, but when I select next track, it just stops playing. I have no problems with iTunes music or Spotify - both work fine in my car. Any answers?

9 replies

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Hi there @sdh

Are you using CarPlay? Have you tried reinstalling the app to the latest version?
No, not using CarPlay,. Just using the Golf’s Bluetooth connection.
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Hi @sdh

Have you tried reinstalling the app? What OS do you have on your iPhone? Please make sure both OS and our app are up-to-date 😉
Hi Rudi, as mentioned in my post, it’s an iPhone 8+ and, yes, iOS is fully up to date, as is Deezer app. This is pretty frustrating. I do prefer Deezer over Spotify, but this issue is a showstopper.
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Hey @sdh

Sorry to hear that, I know it's frustrating.
I've asked you if you've reinstalled the app. Have you?
The connection between Deezer and VW cars isn't officially supported. I also haven't seen other iOS users reporting a similar issue - but I'll keep an eye on this.
Any firmware updates available for your car? It's worth checking it.

I am having the exact same issue. I have a Toyota Corolla and I connect it through Bluetooth. My phone is an iPhone 7 Plus. If I change the song then I will to hit play in my car’s display. After a few songs, it will continue to play if I let it go through the whole song.

And I am also having issues on my google home devices. Every morning it will play demos of random songs, instead of playing what I am asking for.

I’ve had deezer for a long time and I do not want to go with another music provider. Can somebody please help me with this issue?? BTW, I do have the latest version of the IOS and the app.

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Hi there @andres1227 

Thanks for reaching out. About the car issues, have you tried connecting to the car first, and then opening the app?

About Google Home, log out and log in again, and make sure you're using the right credentials (of your Family account) :wink:

dear deezer support,
this problem is also reproducible on my android 8, xiaomi. if you check the internet, you’ll see how wide spread it is. you should either know what it is, or add it to the list of known issues by now. i’m very disappointed with your performance

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Hi @andrjushina 

Thanks for reporting on your experience. We're aware this is a common issue, but we're also working hard to improve the situation with a known integration. What car model you have?