Deezer, Pioneer car stereo & iOS 14 missing album cover

  • 30 September 2020
  • 1 reply

Ok so it’s minor but the Album covers stopped showing on my car stereo recently? 

if the album cover is white with a music note, I go from “iPod” to “Bluetooth” and back to iPod and the album will show….then back to white for the next song on the album. 

It’s very recent so I’m not sure whether it’s due to a deezer update or (more probable) the new iOS 14 update. 

Anyone know if there’s a fix for this?

1 reply

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Hey @matthew.beadle1 

Thanks for reporting this.

We're releasing some CarPlay updates with our Beta apps at the moment, maybe they can address the problem with the official release. Could you let us know which Deezer app version do you have? Have you also tried reinstalling it?