Deezer not working with Apple IOS15

  • 16 September 2021
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As described in the beta version. The Deezer app does not load on IOS15 (release version) in apple car play. It will play songs selected in the deezer app on the phone directly. But will not load any car play app content. I have IOS14 on another device and that works without any issues. 


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8 replies

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Hi @Nick Cope we are aware of the problem already. However is a bug on their side and we are working on closing this situation. This bug has been identified and will be resolved by Apple in a later version, but we don’t have more information at the moment.
Thanks :)

Bummer. Apple takes care of Apple but they need to realize that we use their ecosystem beyond apple apps. 


Spotify, YouTube music, tidal, amazon music, Apple Music works…. Deezer don’t.

is not on apple side, is in yours! Fix this crap!! Your app in CarPlay is basically unacceptable. Many bugs, now not working…

If it's not fixed in the next 15 days from now, bye bye Deezer. 

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I just tested with iOS 15.1 (beta). Carplay works again without any problems.


Tested with Deezer 8.48.1 and Beta

CarPlay @ Volvo XC40

I just tested with iOS 15.1 (beta). Carplay works again without any problems.


That's great! What kind of car? I will try this as soon as get home from my travels. And you are on iOS 15.0?

Sorry I just saw iOS 15.1 beta. That's the diff. I'm on 15.0. 

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Thanks @dee_dirk that’s great news. 🙂