deezer music stops every few songs, not happy at all, how can I get refunded ?

  • 20 December 2020
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I use deezer on iphone 8 and google nest 2,  and this does not work.  plenty of times I ask for music on the nest and I don’t get anything or just a please try again later, and when I cast from my iphone music stops after a few songs, like 3 or 4 songs.

I would like to see these two problems solved or to get a full refund.


Please help !


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5 replies

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Hi @Nicolas Delforge 

Sorry about that, let's see if we can help you.

For your iPhone, I recommend you to uninstall the Deezer app, restart the phone, and then reinstall the app to the latest version 8.28.1.

For the Nest, I suggest unlinking your Deezer account from the device, restarting it and also your internet after a couple of mins and then relinking your Deezer account. You can also check your Google Home settings in the Google Home app and check for firmware updates on your Nest.

Keep us posted, we're confident these can work better :thumbsup_tone2:

Hi Deezer,

this does not work, we have bugs every couple of days with Deezer on google nest 2.

Moreover, we do not like the fact that when we ask for an artist, let’s say Céline Dion, Deezer only plays 3 songs from Céline and then directly switches to another artist. THAT’S NOT THE ASK.  Céline has more than 3 songs, as far as I know.  I say it again : I want to be fully refunded, DEEZER does not satisfy me at all, and my wife agrees as well. We want to get a full refund and go to another music provider as soon as possible.  We do not recommend your music service, you do not achieve sufficient level of satisfaction at all.

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Sorry about that @Nicolas Delforge feedback noted.

In the meantime, please speak to our colleagues in support to discuss a refund:


I will do that