Deezer keeps adding favourite tracks that aren’t mine - it re-adds them when deleted

  • 27 January 2019
  • 2 replies

As per title - I have about 20 tracks - mostly explicit rap - that keep reappearing in my favorites. I didn’t add them to begin with - they don’t match my easy listening vibe. Whenever I delete them, they reappear.

I only have one Deezer account and I only use it in my phone. When I check for connected devices, only my phone shows up.

Anybody else experienced this glitch?

2 replies

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Hi there @Cgauk

I haven't seen other users reporting this issue - but it could still be a bug. So just to be safe, I've unlinked all devices from your account and sent a password reset email. Please change your password and link your phone again and let me know if the problem continues!

PS.: you can also try clearing the cache on your phone to help out.

Why does deezer keep adding tracks to my favourite