Deezer iOS app issues on iPhone X...playing stops and sometimes refuses to play

  • 3 June 2020
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The idea of using the phone in the car has been fraught with so many problems I don’t even know where to begin.  I have noticed that regardless of rebooting the phone.  The playing is always inconsistent.  Hardly can a full track be played without interruption. 
So I tried this.  I downloaded a full album on the phone that way I can listen uninterrupted ...wrong…. even that still keeps getting interrupted.  I never had any major issues on iphoneSE.  It played fine and although there were interruptions I think they were mainly due to cellular data i.e not having 4G.

The iphoneX takes this unreliability to another level.  My wife doesn’t care much about the music in the car but yesterday she couldn’t help but comment on how flaky the phone was at playing music.  This could be purely due to IOS because the app has been fine when played using wifi.  4G couldn’t be that bad in the UK.
Audio quality: Compact
Download: over mobile network
Smart cache: 84GB


6 replies

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Hi @jazzyfusion 

Thanks for the report. Have you tried reinstalling the app on her phone?

yes already done that

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Anything in the app's settings or even the phone settings (mobile data) that is blocking the app from streaming in 4G @jazzyfusion? Thanks for coming back to us!

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Hi @jazzyfusion,

We would need more details to be able to better understand the problem.

  • What is your iOS version and Deezer app version?
  • What kind of car audio system is it?
  • Are you connected via a USB cable or Bluetooth?
  • What is displayed in Deezer player screen on the iPhone when the music is interrupted? Is there a loading animation ? An error message ?
  • Does the music resumes automatically after an interruption or do you have to press Play again?
  • Is the behavior exactly the same if you stream music over 4G or if you play a downloaded album?

By the way, I would recommend to limit the size of your SmartCache setting to 2 or 3 GB.

Hi @GuillaumeDZ 

Here are my responses:

IOS: 13.3.1 /iphoneX


Car audio is a standard Clarion player with an AUX jack.  I am connected with a lightning to Aux 3.5mm cable.

When the music is interrupted I have to manually intervene it never comes back by itself.  I have to keep pressing the play button get it back.  Sometimes I get no response other times it simply carries on.  See the attached. There’s no animation or error message.

I get the same behaviour even when I play a downloaded album.  As I described in my post that hasn’t helped.

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Thank you @jazzyfusion for your detailed answer.

Since your connection with the car audio system is done via a jack cable, the issue is not on software side.


My first guess is that a remote control or an unplug signal is received by the iPhone, it can be caused by a bad contact on the Lightning connector or on the jack connector.

You certainly know that if you are playing audio with wired headphones connected to the iPhone and you unplug the headphones the music pauses automatically. I think this is what happens in your case.


I would recommend you to clean the lightning connector and the jack connectors. You can also try with another jack cable or a USB to Lightning cable if your car audio system has a USB port.   


Hoping this will resolve your issue.