Deezer HiFi + iPhone - is it worth it?

  • 26 September 2020
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My music setting is the iPhone 8 and Sony wh-1000xm4. I need to better understand the sound quality that comes from the iPhone to my wireless bluetooth headphones. I learned that no matter the source, the iPhone only plays music in AAC. So if I use Deezer HiFi and stream HiFi (Flac) from it, on the end the iPhone will reduce my music to AAC? I want to know if makes sense to use Deezer HiFi when I use iPhone and if LDAC (Android phones) sounds better and it's better option for Deezer HiFi. 


3 replies

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Hi @Mil Os, I'll be honest with you, I think it worth if you're using Deezer 360 app, otherwise the difference is very small and most people won't notice it. If you have an amazing speaker I do recommend Hifi, otherwise, I'd say to stick with Premium (high quality).

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I think, for what I have tested and trialed Hifi, it’s definitely worth it. But Hifi, when in comparison to Premium or other services lossy material might not always be that magnificent when compared.

Depends on the album and style, sometimes lossless adds really one further feeling and dimension, but unfornately sometimes the difference is so tiny that you might actually go well with the basic premium instead. Case by case and for casual listening it’s going good with Premium, but with proper gear and Hifi and albums that you know really well, then you actually might start to realize there are differences.

If you have good (enough) equipment that might reveal, I think you could try some other services also and see how you feel about them.

I have tested all these usual services on my main system, but also on wireless bluetooth headphones and normal headphones, played music on the music system and Windows 10 computer. But I mostly use other than bluetooth..playing music from my main music-system and I connect my iPhone to my Marantz CD6005 and it’s dac when I stream.

All the services have pretty similar catalogues (some differences still as always) and it’s easy to transfer all the favorites to other services. Soon have to make decision on what shall I pick as my main music streaming service.

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Side note:
We're waiting for HEOS to enable Deezer HiFi in their app @Samppa - they're working with our devs on this :thumbsup_tone2: