Deezer for Apple Carplay is an awful experience

  • 1 November 2021
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It was from a start but thing went downwards since summer somehow. Its started long before ios15

  1. Favourites wont “sync” properly. I mean when you start playing flow and add a song to favourites and then go to favourites to play you see the only a few songs you just added. Solution? Is to unlock a phone, go to app, open favourites tab, find Favourite Tracks list and wait until it will figure things out and you just sitting in silence. And this is all while driving.
App view
What carplay sees 
  1. This happens occasionally
    Its not loading a thing


  1. You can’t add to Favourites from Daily and Compilations (and others similar) screens-there are only repeat and shuffle buttons. What happened with those and why they have different experience? 
  2. Lately (ios15 related it seems) if you receive a call or any other sound played or pressing pause or mute Deezer will disappear from carplay home widget like there is no app launched and wouldn’t resume playing. You need to open it to see that it is active and waiting. 
  3. Many more to be remembered but definitely adds frustration.

    I have chosen Deezer years ago because its an underdog with hifi streaming and I am mostly using it from a car or while driving and it sometimes driving me nuts. It is obvious that this wasn’t priority for development at all. For that premium price it is very frustrating experience unfortunately. Not that I am pushing here at all but sharing things to be heard.


11 replies

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I couldn’t agree more. Especially your 4th point is highly frustrating and super dangerous to boot while you’re driving.

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This is what I mean, Deezer devs. You guys keep adding stuff that offers fairly little benefit instead of fixing the major issues with the app that so many of us have reported for months. Like investing in a lovely painting for a house with a leaky roof, no running water and fungus on the walls. Sure, the painting is nice to look at, but shouldn’t we first focus our attention on other things?


Bang on with point no 4! It's so frustrating that I'm seriously thinking about canceling the subscription and go to Spotify (even though I think Spotify is crapier, their app at least works)…

Enough with the threats of leaving… Devs - please fix this issue! It's an enormous pain in the neck. It also fails when TA (traffic announcement) kicks in on the car entertainment system.

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Hey @zkiifreak @teaumaz @Egor Tatarenko 
Have you updated your iOS to 15.1 already?
Do you still experience these issues after updating to 15.1 and also the latest version of Deezer app 8.51.0?
Thanks and apologies for all the inconvenience

Updated all of them, @Jaime. Thanks for asking. It's a tad better, but from time to time I still I need to manually restart Deezer through CarPlay if a traffic announcement occurs (not every time though, cannot for the love of it make a pattern of it). Also it cannot automatically start Deezer when the car starts (2017 BMW 5-Series). Almost every time I get into the car, I have to manually start Deezer through CarPlay.

So, something’s fixed, some others to go.

@Jaime. so I tested it with 15.1 and it seems that it’s still have this behaviour. But the funny business with it is that I installed apple music for a test run to see whats up with their carplay and now when Deezer is running as an app on a phone connected to the head unit and interrupted with the pause, mute or else, after you hit play or unmute it is continue to play but with apple music (which isn’t running as an app on the phone).


Also after update while apple music is up and go after I connected it, Deezer is looking like this:

And as I mentioned before the only way to fix this is to open app, find favourites tab, close it. Wait till head unit app will close then after it will open there will be any content. Thats irritating. And started long before ios 15

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Hey @zkiifreak @teaumaz @Egor Tatarenko 
Have you updated your iOS to 15.1 already?
Do you still experience these issues after updating to 15.1 and also the latest version of Deezer app 8.51.0?
Thanks and apologies for all the inconvenience

Hi @Jaime. 

I’ve updated to iOS 15.1 and latest Deezer version. Seems to work better and more responsive. I also like the new, smaller “bubble buttons” so that more can be shown on screen. The bug where Deezer would not resume after Siri announces a message, seems to be fixed. At least, I tried it +/- 5 times and Deezer resumed as it should. I have not tested with phone calls yet, though. I also very much like that now, from within carplay, I can “Favourite” and “Unfavourite” any track that is playing. I will post back if I encounter any other bugs, but so far, at least for me, the latest version of Deezer fixed many annoyances. 

It seems that I’ve missed update of deezer app. So now we are talking! Most of the issues are gone. New design is great and its quick. But it seems that issue with pause persists. I deleted apple music app, and now deezer just disappearing from home screen instead of continuing playback

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Ok, seems indeed that the issue with audio pausing is still there. Did some more trying out and audio resume after using Siri is not working.

And it seems that issues with caching/loading aren’t gone. Its loads nothing, just sits there.

And there is one song in favorites I liked yesterday from Flow

So to make it work I need to take my phone, unlock it, find the app, launch it wait, open favorites, wait that it will sync. It won’t, so you need to close the app and then reopen it from head unit. Can I have yours QA salary for this month? 

Really awful experience. I have same issues as original poster.
I control my deezer in car with Siri. If i command “Hey Siri, play my flow on Deezer”, it will work after 2,3 tries.
I don’t have touchscreen in my car (new Mazda), and If I try to start a flow or song with controller, it will always stuck (Loading...).
If I ask siri something, music will not start after the answer. App will disappear,  and I can’t continue last song. I can just start new flow.

When I using deezer on my other car via bluetooth, I can’t skip track. If i command “Hey siri, next”, deezer will skip the track, but song will be paused.

I have tested spotify and everything works. I don’t want to switch, because I really like flow on Deezer.

Please fix carplay / Siri issues!