Carplay - not able to select songs - new behaviour

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Hey Rudi, same remark as @gva. Except for a new Logo nothing changed...
@Rudi Will there be another update in May as you suggested or not that will finally solve the issue? Or was that the promised update without a solution?
It is kind of sad that we are paying for deezer premium but are only able to use CarPlay like a deezer free user....
It's nice to be able to pl be able to shuffle my playlists but I want to be able to pick songs!
I got the latest update but still no solution!!
Im sorry Deezer, i was a faithfull cliënt for a long time, but this is the most stupid update ever. Of ita not a bug, I'm switching to another music player. Good luck.
@Rudi Even with the update from
today (7.9.1), still no solution. Could you please comment, if the update you mentioned for end of May will finally solve the problem?
Except for a new Logo nothing changed. Even with the update from
today (
I'm switching to another music player.
I have decided to test Spotify. I never wanted to change my music provider but I can't stand not being able to select songs.
Transfer playlists and favourite songs was really simple.
In the car, although I couldn't find the flow or something like that I certainly enjoyed being able to pick the song I want to hear!

I hope Deezer will fix this issue before my trial ends otherwise I will cancel my family subscription and make Spotify my default provider.
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Hey @fabsello @Dimocash @Fernando. @jeffrey.tak

It seems that it hasn't been rolled out yet but it will be done soon - it was confirmed by our devs thanks to your feedback. I'm confident this should be available this month - but there isn't a promise, this may vary. Thank you for your patience!
Well, I do hope it will be fixed before I need to choose one music provider. I really like Deezer. The flow option is really a big plus! But when traveling 1,5 Hours a Day in the car it's really frustrating to not be able to select songs I want to hear.
That's something Spotify have to offer.
I'm so glad I found this.

I'd become so frustrated at not being able to choose what track I wanted to listen to in the car that I was about to rip Deezer from the dashboard and throw it out of the window and over a hedge at 150 mph.

I thought I'd gone mad. The ability to play the track of my choice (rather than someone else's) was there for a fleeting moment a few weeks ago, but disappeared in a puff of smoke when I made the mistake of applying an update.

How can it make sense not to be able to choose what I want to listen to? It's like being let into a library but being told that the only way you can read the book you want is by reading all the other ones first.

I got so irritated by this 'new feature' that I actually did what several other people have said they would do and went over to the dark side by trying Spotify.

The dark side will let you choose which track to play by scrolling through a playlist, but it doesn't sound anywhere near as good as Deezer.

Your audio is much better. It's crisper, and punchier.

Spotify sounds as if you're listening with a pair of small socks stuck in your ears.

Please fix it so that you can select individual tracks from a playlist again.

Please fix it as soon as you can, Deezerpeople.
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HI @Pete S thanks for your great feedback. We are aware of this issue and will change the behaviour in the upcoming version of the app. Please bear with us and make sure you always have the latest version installed. Sorry for the inconvenience.
You keep saying this for the past 4 versions now... Nothing is fixed.
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Hi @tr198 I know, I am sorry if this has been taking so long. There have been some problems with this. Please look out for version 7.10 😉
Well, finally it's solved!! Today's update fixed the issue for me. Thank you.
Sadly a new issue occurred for me. I bought Sonos last week and to my surprise Deezer family doesn't work. I read that had to do with how Deezer has organized the accounts so 3th party apps only recognize the master account.
I hope this will be fixed soon as well.
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Hey @Dimocash

Glad it finally reversed for you. About the Family profiles, we've been working on it for quite some time - I'll keep you posted.
Great, with the new update song selection is back. Awesome!
Unfortunately now my Artists are not in alphabetical order ( see picture)

and if I select one, not all Albums are available, only 5 max.
Could you check what went wrong there?

Thanks for the update - it's all working properly. For me, at least.

And Mr fabsello...

I don't think your problem is not having the tracks in alphabetical order, it's having Coldplay and Guns N' Roses on your playlist 😉
@Pete S 😃
Well it is a bit unfortunate, i would not mind the non alphabetical order, but not being able to select all albums form the artists kinda sucks (especially when you have two kids in the car who want to listen to a certain album which can not be selected via CarPlay)😉
@Flo.Deezer @Rudi
Could you please tell me what could be wrong in my case? I have already deleted and reinstalled the app, unfortunately it is still the same problem with the artists and the possible album selection.
Thanks for a reply!
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Hi @fabsello

We're looking into this at the moment. And we'll keep informed once we get an update 😉
Hi @Rudi, thanks for your reply. I’ll be waiting 😉
Hi @Rudi, any news?
It's been a month now, I made all the updates unfortunately up to now no fix with the alphabetical order and possible selection of all albums from artists via CarPlay.

Thanks for your reply.
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Hi there, nothing yet, but we'll update this topic as soon as we have any more news!