Carplay - not able to select songs - new behaviour

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Hey Rudi, same remark as @gva. Except for a new Logo nothing changed...
@Rudi Will there be another update in May as you suggested or not that will finally solve the issue? Or was that the promised update without a solution?
It is kind of sad that we are paying for deezer premium but are only able to use CarPlay like a deezer free user....
It's nice to be able to pl be able to shuffle my playlists but I want to be able to pick songs!
I got the latest update but still no solution!!
Im sorry Deezer, i was a faithfull cliënt for a long time, but this is the most stupid update ever. Of ita not a bug, I'm switching to another music player. Good luck.
@Rudi Even with the update from
today (7.9.1), still no solution. Could you please comment, if the update you mentioned for end of May will finally solve the problem?
Except for a new Logo nothing changed. Even with the update from
today (
I'm switching to another music player.
I have decided to test Spotify. I never wanted to change my music provider but I can't stand not being able to select songs.
Transfer playlists and favourite songs was really simple.
In the car, although I couldn't find the flow or something like that I certainly enjoyed being able to pick the song I want to hear!

I hope Deezer will fix this issue before my trial ends otherwise I will cancel my family subscription and make Spotify my default provider.