Car + siri shortcuts (automation) + Deezer

  • 19 September 2020
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There is a possibility to make an automation (under siri’s shortcuts) to when phone is connected to a certain bluetooth device (my car’s device), it starts some shortcut. I made an automation to start a DEEZER shortcut WHEN connected to my car’s multimedia. But it is working ONLY if the phone is unlocked. So it is kind of useless. Because if I already holding a phone and it is unlocked, I can also manually start the Deezer. Whole idea is that if the phone is in my pocket, it first connects to a car’s multimedia, and than when it is connected (automation) to start the Deezer “play my flow” or “shuffle my music” shortcut. But it doesn’t work if phone is not unlocked. The whole stupidity is that phone CAN connect to a car’s player via bluetootk BUT than CANNOT starts Deezer shortcut because of, I guess, “privacy”. I guess it is Apple’s issue, but I still want to inform you of this problem, so that you could MAYBE try to point to this issue.


Also SECOND sub-problem to this one is that while this same automation is enabled, and when phone connects to a car player with bluetooth, it asks me on my APPLE WATCH if I want to run a shortcut, which I accept, and which is much more simple than from the phone itself, but when I hit RUN, it says it cannot do that. 🙂 Again I guess it is Apple’s issue, but still hope you can do something.


3 replies

I am using siri shortcuts for a long time, and also for Deezer. It is working fine. But today I wanted to install this on my fathers phone (iPhone 11, iOS14), and I was shocked that THERE AREN’T those shortcuts! How is this possible? I tried again on my phone (iPhone 7, iOS14) and while these shortcuts are STILL in my shortcuts library, when I try to find those in shortcuts library they’re MISSING. Please tell me that this is just a temporary and some bug?

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Hi @dr.agisic, I'm not aware of any bug, but please see this article below where you can find all information about Deezer and Siri: