BUG Report IOS 13.0 Beta 6 - Audio problems on output switch

  • 20 August 2019
  • 2 replies

Whenever I have at least an additional output like headphones, BT speaker or car BT if I switch the output while playing the audio starts to crackle the best way to describe this is 200ms of sound 200 ms of silence all the time this sounds like distorted audio but it seems the song keeps advancing normally it just interrupted multiple times rapidly over each second ( playback timer does not stop so it seems is only no sound at fast intervals), if I go back to the previous output the song keeps playing but there is no sound, the only fix is a full app close and restart and I can continue from the selected source, If i switch again then it happens all the same, the only way to switch output is to do it with the app closed.

Apple music, youtube, Spotify and every other source is unaffected, any thoughts?


2 replies

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Hi there, have you already cleared the cache? Please open the app and go to the settings > app > clear cache. This procedure will delete your downloaded songs, but it might help you fixing this issue. 😉
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Hi there @Fuanda

Because is a Beta, it's likely that there will be some hiccups along the way. Thank you for reporting this to us. After doing what Rafael suggested, have you tried reinstalling the app to see if the issue repeats itself? We'll be passing your feedback to our devs.