[BUG] availability of song depends on device...

  • 22 May 2020
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I am facing the following issue. I am in the same room, connected to the same wireless network.

the app on my iPhone tells me that a song I just heard on my TV is not available in my country.

you should get this right. I can almost hear nothing of the playlist I was listening too on the TV when using my iPhone. doesn’t state anywhere that the availability depends on the brand of the device. It is not the first time I face this issue.

on top of this, if I search on my smart TV results are listed and not on my phone... 

I saw the same in the office and I thought that was because of the VPN, but here I am connected to the same wireless. No fancy VPN whatsoever. 

1 reply

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Your feature is just as crooked as the rest. Really, I believe I will simply export my list and go to another provider. Now, suddenly most songs became unavailable in my country… I listen to a song and after if I try to reopen from the just heard list, it is informing me that this song is not available in my country. Get your acts together or I’ll just go elsewhere. Do I need a VPN broker? Then tell me what the country is where there are least limitations because I just don’t give a … about the way they implement copyright in my country, just to get their tax paid and giving nothing to the artists rather buy stuff directly from the artist.