apple watch deezer app loading max 50 song on your list

  • 28 December 2020
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Hi there,

iam waiting more than a year for deezer to fix the problem on apple watch app. My issue is if the music play list more than 50songs you can only see first 50 songs on the watch app.

Let me answer  all your questions before you ask.

1- yes i have 12 pro max and all softwares are updated.

2- i am using apple watch 5 cellular model and updated 3- i have deleted the app so many times and reloaded so many times.

4- my username: engin.yilmaz ( family plan. 
5- i have recorded a video before and and sent to deezer support but feedback takes ages more than a month to get an answer. 
6- i think you can pass my details to technical team is better. 
7- you can try and see it yourself. Make a list more than 50 songs but the watch will show you maximum first 50 songs on the list🤷🏼‍♂️
8- i have spotify as well. Spotify watch app is when you down the list it’s loading all the songs. 

You can send me an email so i can provide my phone number if you like to get more details otherwise sorry but back and forward emails take a year. I know frok my previous experience with deezer community 

Regards and happy new year


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