Apple Watch 4 Deezer app stuck on spinning loading ball

  • 17 September 2020
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The app is stuck on the rotating loading ball and hasn’t progressed to any song info. I’ve tried deleting and reinstalling the app on the watch but nothing changed. Just shows Deezer on the top left corner and the time on the right with a spinning circle in the middle. Running iOS 14 and watch OS 7


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28 replies

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Same here

Hi, plz fix this. I have this issue since iOS 14 beta 4 / WatchOS 7 beta 1, now I’m on final iOS 14 and WatchOS 7, it still doesn’t work. I’m considering to switch to some other service until it’s fixed, coz I used Deezer on AW (when it worked) a lot, I would even say that most of the time. I really like Deezer, that’s why I’ve chosen it as primary music service, also for my family, but it really hurts my user experience currently. I’ve already reported about this, still nothing. Also, plz don’t ask to reboot, restart, re-login etc. I did this a hundred of times already, in different order. Deezer on AW just doesn’t load, I see infinite loader all the time, no matter what I do. Thx.

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Thank you for reporting it @Mishka_m1shka @Nadavon @David11wsdff!

I'll be forwarding this info to our devs straight away :thumbsup_tone2:

In the meantime, please subscribe to the topic so that you can get updates.

Same issue here...

I also have this problem 😔

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Hi @David11wsdff @Nadavon @Mishka_m1shka @Mr_Luigi @Thiago.Guido,

We know about this issue and we are currently investigating. Sorry for the inconvenience.

As a workaround, you can force Deezer app to quit on the iPhone (from the App Switcher, swipe up on Deezer) and open the app again, it will unlock the Watch app.

I have the same problem

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Hi @David11wsdff @Nadavon @Mishka_m1shka @Mr_Luigi @Thiago.Guido @roma83,

I’m glad to announce that an update fixing this issue has been released this morning! It is the version 8.23.0.

You can get the update from the App Store by searching for Deezer or pulling down in the updates list screen to force a refresh.

Feel free to give us feedback.

Thank you very much for this update.

all it’s ok now


Still doesn’t work for me, phone is updated and so I Apple Watch. Just consistently spinning circles but never loads anything.

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Hey @Sap1988 

Thanks for reporting this. What version of the app have you got? Have you restarted the watch and your iPhone to see if it helps?

Same here with v8.24

Same problem on Apple Watch 6 with latest updates. Can’t get past the jog wheel...

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Thanks for letting us know @Ponkan @rodfournier will pass the info on to our devs :thumbsup_tone2:

Same problem here. Apple watch 6 and deezer. Running on iOS 14.2

I am considering leaving Deezer as this seems to be a recurrent issue. Being able to control music from watch is an important feature. This is very disappointing from Deezer.

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Hey @Kyle Ben 

Sorry to hear that.

I've got the same iOS and Apple Watch and it's fine here, what version of our app have you got?

Hey @Rudi 

thank you for your feedback

Using apple watch 6 paired with iphone xs max on ios14.2 with deezer on 8.27.2

Problem occured a week ago. I have rebooted my watch uninstalled and reinstalled the app on apple watch yet still facing the problem. 

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Thanks for coming back @Kyle Ben have you tried reinstalling the app on your XS? Is this happening to all tracks? Is it a specific feature or playlist that you're playing?

Let us know more about it and we can narrow the problem down :relaxed: in the meantime, also check storage settings to see if there's enough space. Just in case.

I’m really considering leaving Deezer and start using spotify. It’s been almost 3 months and you couldn’t fix this problem! 

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We couldn't reproduce it @Thiago.Guido but please try helping us to help you.

What version of WatchOS and Deezer app do you have? Please reinstall the app after restarting your phone and watch, to see if it helps :thumbsup_tone2:

Hi, I just joined deezer just now and I moved from Spotify and I have the same issue with the above, I cannot access the app on my apple watch it keeps loading the whole time. :’(

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So sorry about that @Jmerza07 which Apple Watch have you got? Can I recommend you to uninstall the app, restart your phone and watch, and reinstall the Deezer app, version 8.30?

Let me know how it goes!

Same problem here.. just a load circle the whole time!

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Hey @Julian Wiedenhof 

Thanks for reporting, our devs can look into it.

Could you please let us know what iOS, Apple Watch model, and Deezer app version you've got? In the meantime, uninstall the app, restart your phone and Apple Watch, and then reinstall the app from the App Store.

The good news is that we're developing a standalone app for Apple Watches :smirk::zipper_mouth:

Got my new Apple Watch SE today and having the exact loading problem, is there any fix for this ?? I hope there is otherwise may change streaming service 🙁