App problem with repeat track and shuffle

  • 19 May 2019
  • 9 replies

When connecting to my car and playing my music from downloads the new updated app selects repeat track and shuffle. If I turn these off and then reconnect to the car via Bluetooth it turns them back on!?!?

Is there going to be an update to fix this?!?

9 replies

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Hi @Richlawson sorry for the late reply. That is strange. So it turns them both on automatically? How do you connect your phone (Bluetooth or cable)? Which car is it?
Thanks for your reply! It is very strange.
Yep, I can be looking at my phone and they’re not switched on but when it connects to my car the little dots appear and the track repeats!!
My phone is connected via Bluetooth to my Mercedes car.....

Any help greatly appreciated.
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If a reinstall of the app does not help in this case we will have to pass it on to the developers. Can you please tell us which version of the app you have installed and which phone you are using?

Have you tried to connect it to another Bluetooth device and see if the same happens?
I will try a re-install. I am using the latest 7.9.1 version on an iPhone 7. I’ve also tried it with my iPhone X and the same thing happens so I think it may need development?!?
Hi @Flo.Deezer . Just to keep you updated, I have deleted and reinstalled the app but there is no improvement.
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@Richlawson Hey! Can you try with a cable instead of Bluetooth and let us know if the issue persists, please?
I have the same issue with my BMW when connecting via bluetooth. In my case it only turns repeat single track on ever time it connects. Is there any update on this issue please.
Update, my issue is exactly the same, connecting to the car via Bluetooth activates single repeat and random. Doesn’t happen when connecting by cable, but don’t really do this as you can’t turn the charge function off on iPhone.

I tried with other Bluetooth devices and it only happens with the car.

some details
iphone 6s with ios 12.3.1
deezer Version 7.11.0 (
car is 2015 bmw 2 series with following software
media MV-110.002.002
phone TY-110.002.002
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Hi @humph thanks for all the details. I have checked and could see that this issue is still being worked on. For now we can only ask for some patience until this can be fixed. Please make sure you always have the latest version of the app installed 😉