Annoying ads appears even with Premium subscribtion

Long time ago I decided to go with premium subscription to avoid listening any kind of advertisement. Deezer's Plans page still says that Premium subscription provides `no ads` feature.

Last week or so, you added support of Waze integration and it broke `no ads` feature. I mean each time when I open deezer application at my phone (mostly I use it while driving) I see annoying ads about the integration. Closing it doesn't help at all, it temporary hides it and next re-open will show ads-popup again.
Several times I accidentally clicked at ads itself instead of cross button and it opened a browser for showing the full details (regular advertisement behavior). Again, it happens while driving, so it is not convenient to close annoying tab in browser with advertisement, switch application back to Deezer and so on.

My questions are
1) How I can disable this advertisement?
2) How I can require reimbursement of subscription for the period of `no ads` feature failure? It's small amount of money, but I do not thing that I should pay for discomfort.

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HI @Andrey K.

so to be clear you're saying if you open Deezer (but not Waze) you see ads?
Yes. I see advertisement about waze at Deezer app. It appears each time when I open deezer application.
I never used Waze, never had it installed and do not plan to try it (I'm ok with my current map application).

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Hi there @Andrey K.

Thank you for your input. We're looking into this at the moment - and we'll give more news once we get an update from our devs.
Very disappointing and annoying to view ads on the app when you pay 27 aed per month for the subscription.
hi @Rudi ! Any updates in this?

It's really annoying and makes me feel like Deezer doesn't invest anything in user experience and user happiness.
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Hey @Andrey K.

Could you please follow the troubleshooting here and let me know if it helps?
@Rudi I cannot login there using my regular Deezer creds 😞
Any news here? I wanted to ask same question. I do not want to use Waze and that advertisement is displaying majority of times I start Deezer.

Honestly said I expected this is mistake and will be removed/rectified with next update, but I have updated Deezer several times and behaviour is the same.

This is not NEW issue, it is some 3-4 months? +-

Can you correct it? Should not be a big deal as you know exactly what is going on - in short active advertisement in paid version.

Many thanks

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Hey @Andrey K. @mbuzalkova

Sorry about the link. Please have a look here 😉
Dear Rudi

thanks for link. I have read article in detail and there is this sentence

"Hey @mahernehme ! I see you have the lasted versions for both Deezer and iOS. If you confirm that you receive the ad constantly and not only when you connect your iPhone to your car, please perform this troubleshooting and let me know if it helps"

So my question is - this looks like solution for people seeing ads of Waze all the time, not only when iPhone is connected with car.

What I need is to get rid of Waze completely, I use different navigation tool in car and being repeatedly reminded about waze can hardly change my mind.

I will check all the steps and refer back about status

many thanks