Airplay and tv speakers: Deezer thinks I am playing on multiple devices

  • 4 August 2021
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Whenever I try to use Airplay from my ipad to use the tv as the sound output, Deezer thinks I am playing music from multiple devices and interrupts my music with a “family subscription” advertising. I have tried to mirror the screen and using the app’s option to use the tv as the sound output and the warning still shows. 

This issue seems to come and go. Yesterday, I was able to airplay after a few tries, but today, nothing seems to work. The smart TV app does not work and after YEARS the issue has not been resolved.


I am running out of patience, options and reasons to keep my subscription. 

3 replies

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Sorry to hear about your experience @kristinang 

What's your mobile model, OS and Deezer app version?

What's your TV brand? We're about to launch new TV apps.


I have an ipad pro 11, os 14.7.1 and deezer app version My tv brand is a samsung. 

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Ahhh, great! @kristinang 

Our new Samsung app is coming very soon, we're polishing the details at the moment. Please hang in there a bit longer!