360 not working on iOS

  • 10 October 2021
  • 4 replies

Experiencing an issue for few weeks now and only just reporting.


iOS 360 by Deezer isn’t working. Getting the standard ‘something went wrong’ and retry messages. 

I am a HiFi subscriber and have previously used 360.

App is up to date, and even went as far as uninstalling and reinstalling to no luck.


Any suggestions?

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4 replies

Same here ,getting frustrated👍

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Hello Adam @Adam Bowles @Leon Hermans 

Could you share some more details of the iOS devices that you are using, please? And if possible a screenshot of the issue, please.

I’m using Deezer on my iOS device and the app has been working fine these days.

Thanks :relaxed:

Hi Alfredo @Alfredo. 

Attached is a screenshot from 360 app and the recurring message.

I’m using the app on an iPhone 11, updated to iOS 15 and have ensured that the 360 app is up to date.


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Hello @Adam Bowles 

Thank you for the screenshot.

Could you please uninstall the 360 app first and uninstall Deezer afterwards? Then please download the 360 Deezer app first and then download your Deezer app.

Once you have done that, please open the 360 app, so it will ask you to log in to be able to use it. Then please, log in into your account on your Deezer app and try to open the 360 app once you are logged in. It should be fine using that workaround.

Sorry for the hassle!

Let us know how it goes, please.

Thanks! :slight_smile: