Why does the desktop player have so less features compared to the mobile app?

I recently switched to Deezer from Spotify after being tired of being prompted with popup ads for their plans and podcasts despite paying for their Premium. My experience so far is good regarding the mobile app and I appreciate a lot the fact you can upload your own mp3s, however the desktop app looks much poorer. I wish it had these features that are present on the mobile app and on Spotify desktop:

  • Have the favorite tracks playlist. It’s important for me to have a playlists of the tracks I’m listening the most in the recent period
  • Being able to move to a track’s album from its context menu. Why on mobile is this feature present but not on desktop?
  • When I search inside a playlist, I would like to be able to shuffle only the search results instead of the whole playlist. Again, this happens in the mobile app but not the desktop player.

I hope your team decides to give the same importance to the desktop and mobile versions of your apps in the future

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Thank you for your feedback, I turned your question into an idea, so other users can vote it too!