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When I have finally found a track I want to listen to (e.g. „Happiness is Just Around the Bend“ by Brian Auger) and click on „Album Page“ in the iPad app, it displays an album cover, but does not display either the name of the album or list the other tracks on the album.  It only displays the name of the track I was looking at before.  IMHO, this doesn‘t deserve the name „Album page“.

The fact that there isn‘t even a tag for „album page“ shows that this is a neglected topic.

You found a single, not an album.

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Each single is named album on Deezer. But not every album is a single. Slightly confusing, but unfortunately that's the way it is. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

The sample song is also on the album Introspection.


Indeed, I figured that out. However, the display is till confusing.

If what I found was a single, why is the displayed album cover that of Introspection?

The Deezer DB is a mess.  Some (but by no means all) of Brian Auger‘s albums appear in his discography, some under Brian Auger‘s Oblivion Express, some under Brian Auger and the Trinity and some under Julie Driscoll (who was often the lead vocalist with Brian Auger and the Trinity).  Why aren‘t all of these cross-referenced under Brian Auger?  IIRC, „Happiness is Just Around the Bend“ was originally release by „Brian Auger‘s Oblivion Express“, but it isn‘t listed there.  

Artists often releases singles with album cover.  Why? It’s question to them and their people who are responsible for the promotion of their music.

 Why aren‘t all of these cross-referenced under Brian Auger?

I don’t like it too, but every digital platform has same problem. I think it’s bad tagging by distributors or something like that.

Blaming the tagging of the source material is an easy way out, but I don‘t buy it.  How difficult is it to parse „Brian Auger“ out of an artist tag like „Julie Driscoll, Brian Auger and the Trinity“?

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