Feedback: Want "dislike"-button

I want another option to record my preference for an artist/album/track than just “like” or immediately completely blocking them.
I’m thinking of how Firefly very quickly could predict future liked artists and tracks based on a “like” and a “dislike” button already back in 1995, until 1999 when they were gobbled up. Still remaining the best taste-predictive music streaming service ever.
So, I want a “dislike” button, for when it’s among first times I’ve heard anything by e.g. BTS or Bieber but I don’t care enough to check through their discography far enough to conclude that I don’t want to ever try anything else by them, ever, at all.

A “dislike”-button combined with the current “like”-button can also easily be expanded to let us users set our “current mood” while we record our current preferences while in that mood, which would enable dynamic playlists based not on our entire, sometimes extremely wide, music tastes but also subdivided into said moods.
Sometimes, one may be entirely in the mood for some pep, whilst other times the opposite.

As it is now, I might get one artist-unrepresentative track that I dislike in my “flow”-playlist and the only responses are perpetual complete block or not being able to signal that I disliked that track at this time,  currently building a very quickly growing exclusions list, which is a lack of granularity that benefits nobody.



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