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On every other streaming service I have had there has always been an option to have a mini player which instead of just minimising the app to the dock, it shrinks to a small window that stays on the screen. Apple music, Google play music all do this and I loved it. It's frustrating to keep having to click on the minimized Deezer app to restore the window to tell it not to play this or to love the track. So can you please make it so we can click a button on the Deezer desktop app to shrink it to a mini player.

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Hi @Ons

I can see that you found our forum and created a new topic about this. Well done! You've got my vote and I've passed the idea on. Hopefully we'll get more people to vote for it and bump it up on the list 😉
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I think a really useful feature would be to have the option to create a 'mini Deezer window' for the desktop app (like Itunes can do). This would allow one to just keep a tiny window in the corner of their screen to save one switching between windows all the time
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Hey @injatimi

Thanks for your feedback. Please register your support for the idea here 😉