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Suggestions for further tariffs/plans/subscriptions on HiFi

  • 12 June 2019
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Hello I am on the HiFi (special offer yearly) tarrif and as it now stands I won't renew at the HiFi level. But I will reluctantly renew with a premium pay yearly tariff.

I don't have sonos, but took advantage of the sonos special offer which was even better than the actual offer since I was given a pay yearly option at a further discount. While I'll be staying with deezer when my contract is up for renewal, I cannot justify €20 per month for what is at at the moment a fundamentally flawed HiFi tarif.

I would describe the deezer HiFi tarif as "Home HiFi", because it's not possible to get HiFi on a mobile device (no flac downloads), which also means in the car. So that's HiFi 20% of the time then. I think €20 for "Everywhere HiFi" would be justifiable. But with a yearly option that reflects the Premium offerings - so say €200 for a year. And people who love HQ music have families, too! I don't need Baa Baa black sheep in HQ quality in my flow!!!

That got me thinking about the gaps in the tariffs. I think the premium and family options are good fair value options and I would like to see the following tarrifs (ignoring the free and student tiers for now):

* Premium - €10 per month / €100 per year. So, as it is now. No complaints here
* Premium family - €15 per month / €150 per year. So, please add a family yearly option.
* Home HiFi - €15 per month / €150 per year. This is the half-HiFi that deezer currently offers, but with price that fairly reflects the lack of mobile options.
* Home Hifi + Family - €20 per month /€200 per year. High quality music lovers have childen too! But the kids won't appreciate the HQ tracks on the go, so I think this would be a fair price point.
* Everywhere HiFi - €20 per month / €200 per year. This should include flac downloads to mobile devices.

Mayeb also consider an Everwhere HiFi + Family, say at €25 / €250.

Come on Deezer make it happen! That's still not a lot of tariffs. What does anyone else think? What tarrifs would you like to see?

2 replies

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Voting for this because it addresses the "fundamentally flawed HiFi ".

I too have a HiFi subscription - I purchased a 1 year sub on special, in the hopes that the Deezer crew will fix the lack of HiFi on mobile/Android. The charge as it stands is too high when it cannot be properly utilized.

I have faith that this is a temporary situation but, should it not be resolved then the subscription should be cheaper. I certainly would not renew at the full rate until I can listen to HiFi on my phone.
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Hey @evel79

I like your suggestions. I've passed them on and voted here, hopefully more users will do the same! 😉