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Have an excellent idea too. Not white mode!!!!! A.K.A. DARK mode. 🙂

I would like so much to see the numbers of the my play list tracks, in the mobile app.

Just like it appears in the browser version:

Thanks in advance!
I'm not sure if this exists already but what would really suit my needs is a slider that went from 0 - 100% where you can decide how much of your "FLOW" are tracks you already like or heard and how many are new or suggested. For instance "0" would be only liked tracks and "100" would be only new tracks while 50 would be more or less equal liked and new and you can shift this slider anytime depending on your mood.

Also it would be cool if you get sub-playlists. So for instance I play guitar and would like the create a playlist called "guitar" for all tracks I would like to learn on the guitar but sub divide the songs within that playlist into sub-playlists for the different tunings (eg. E, E-Flat, D#)
The Google Home and Google Assistant are now a few monts supported in the Netherlands. If I ask to my Google Home Mini to play a song from Deezer, it says that it's unsupported in my country. So please add Deezer integration to the Google Home in the Netherlands.
Hai, I'm from Indonesia. I want to give an opinion about the lack of songs from Indonesia, it is very disturbing if only Deezer adds songs from Indonesia, surely Indonesian people Prefer deezer from other compatitur. Please hear this feedback
Hi guys, my suggestions to make better the customer experience:
  • Ads - Is really bad experience to start with ads the app, because most of the time we are in traffic (making me choose other apps in these cases).
  • Ads volume too hight
  • There is no place on the app to write opinion or suggestion quickly and direct to Deezer
  • There is no place to suggest new musician that has in other Apps
These are my first impressions as new Deezer user.

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@Ricardo Muller

Thanks for the feedback, mate! All noted 😉
I'd like to be able to block artists and not have them come up again. Is this possible?
When using the Deezer website, iOS App or Windows Store App:

Now that the KINK channel has been released for Deezer in The Netherlands, it would be nice to favorite such a channel or podcast, like you favorite an artist or song.

Now you need to find the channel by name first each time you like to listen to the channel or podcast.
When using Deezer with CarPlay:

It is not possible to use many of the features from the regular iOS App when connected to a car. For instance: to continue listening a specific artist from the Flow, you would need to use the App on the phone. Since using the phone is not recommended while driving, I would like to have some features in CarPlay, which I think are feasible.

When having a specific Artist selected: 1) add a link or button that opens the list of the "Top Tracks"; 2) add a link or button that starts or opens the list of the "Artist Mix";

When playing a song in Flow (or somewhere else): 1) add a link to navigate to the artist; 2) add a link to navigate to the album (if any).

These suggestions are no less different from other features already available in the CarPlay version of Deezer, which should not be rejected by Apple.
michael.tanousis wrote:


My son and daughter have a playlist. It would be great if somehow radio friendly versions of the songs were selectable for these playlists as a rule. If deezer were able to automatically swap the explicit version for the censored version, this would make a very convenient feature.

That would be a sick feature! 😧😍
Good Day Deezer Team

Thanks very much for all your hard work and music lovin!

I have some ideas on how to better your platform and maybe get you more subscribers:

  • Driving Mode - Where the screen is off and depending on which side I double tap (left, right, center) the application skips a song or pause. It is difficult sometimes pressing teh right button in a moving car and if the screen is off one can focus on the road.
  • Please stop suggesting main stream music as one logs in or look at the algorithm of what the person listens to and suggest new music from those artists. Nothing is more irritating than getting hyped up for the new In-Flames album and Nicki Minaj is suggested in the player.
  • What happened with Kerrang live stream?
  • When a song is queued on a new playlist and the song is complete it reverts to the songs on the previous playlist I just came from, please fix this. New playlist, new horizons, nobody likes living in the past! 😛
  • Dark Mode on webpage....nuff said.
Thanks for all your hard work and keep it going!
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Hi there @Deeglik

Really like your feedback. But please see above that it's best if the ideas are separate, under different vote counts 😉