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Show MP3s as albums

  • 12 November 2017
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Currently, I can't access albums from MyMP3s in the Albums section of MyMusic. Please provide a way to allow me to add such Albums.

12 replies

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Hi @Hoo Boo

I find it's easier put my own mp3's I've uploaded to deezer into a playlist for each album (makes them easier to manage)
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@Rob Igo: thanks for the hint. That's actually what I'm doing in the meantime.

However, Albums provide an alternative way to access what one is looking for. Semantically, one shouldn't use playlists (or albums would be useless duplication of the playlist feature) 😃

I'd like to see the albums displayed for instance on the artist page even though it's coming from MyMP3s.
It should also be possible for me to search globally (both in MyMP3s and in Deezer's library).
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This is one of the most desirable features for me. It's hard to manage big (around 600 and growing) amount of uploaded tracks on one page.
Having my albums integrated with the artist page would be really great.
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It's hard to manage big (around 600 and growing) amount of uploaded tracks on one page.

Indeed! And not to mention that said page reacts *tremendously* slowly.
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If they decide to do this, I hope they'll also add some icon so you know which of these albums/tracks are from your uploaded mp3s. 🙂
Currently you can only access your MP3s on one clunky page where it shows all your tracks. It's hard to manage and even harder to listen to

Deezer can already read the tags (you can sort MP3s according to "album") so why not go a step further and have it create the albums in the album sections if the taggs match?
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@Renivius someone already suggested that so I moved your idea here, don't forget for it to be implemented 🙂
At the moment (At least on Windows, WebApp and Android), there is no way to view or play an uploaded album on its own like you can with a streamed album. This would be very helpful for organising the 2000 possible uploads.
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Hi there @Reuben Botha

I've moved your comment here for similarity. Thank you for your suggestion and feedback! 😉
Yeah to see your tagged mp3s as albums on artists page would be ultimate awesome!
I moved to Deezer from Google Play, and Google does this. One of the few things that i like better about Google Play. It doesnt seem like it should be too unreasonable to allow your personal MP3's to be added as albums to your music collections.
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Thanks for the feedback @TwistedMetal we'll pass it on 👍🏼