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Samsung TV Deezer app optimization

  • 27 July 2019
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Hey there,

I am using the Deezer app for quite a while now on my Samsung TV UE49NU8070 but yet there hasn't been an update..

I can play everything well but the problem is I can't play a playlist in the order I want! Only starting from the first added song. Thats pretty annoying if you have over 100+ songs in a playlist. You simply can't change a thing or scroll quickly through the songs.

Secondly if you play something, you can't go further in a song or rewind. Only the option exists to put on the next one or go back.

Anyone else faces this issues?

I hope there is coming an update soon for these mentioned problems.

6 replies

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Hey there @Fivos

Thank you for your feedback. You're right, there hasn't been much improvement to our TV app for a while and there's a reason for that. We're working on a brand new TV platform and we've got a dedicated team just for that. So please bear with us a bit longer and we'll deliver it soon. In the meantime I've passed your feedback and added my vote 😉
Hello. after 16 days from your replay, my Samsung smart TV S7 can't load Deezer. Once the app. starts remain loading for ever.
I have the same issue. I opened a topic for this a few hours ago. check here
Regarding improvements, don't patent this, but most of us have a remote control with only numeric key pad.

As the screen is rather standard, I suggest to implement a grid with say 10 subdivisions, then when clicking a function on the remote, the grid becomes active and by pressing the right number, the cursor is brought into the right cell.

The way I imagine this is you have your normal screen, then you press a button on the remote to activate the "grid". Shortly a grid is superimposed and the cells are numbered. Then you just need to press the right key to bring the cursor inside the corresponding cell.
If you limit the number of items to a reasonable amount you can also superimpose id's to all the items, so that choosing that id will activate the underlying feature.
Another improvement, similar, is to have the usual mobile phone keypad when searching instead of the qwerty keyboard.
Related to this is the support for other alphabets (especially Cyrillic).
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Hi there @Bakanudo

Sorry to hear that. Please check this topic for updates.

Thank you again for your feedback @BernardC