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Let users disable "location" based recommendations.

  • 12 October 2018
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The greatest selling point of apps like Deezer is to be able to discover new music based on your previous listening history. The recommendation algorithm is supposed to work based on your "taste", not your "location".

It's annoying to have your Flow affected by your location. Just because I'm using the app in a country I'm currently working in, it doesn't mean I'm interested in their hits, charts and songs. I might not even speak the given language, some of your users are traveling expats.

Please give users a way to circumvent this issue with an option like:

1- Ability to disable location based suggestions
2- Ability to change user "location" in preferences manually. (like Youtube)

7 replies

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Thanks for your suggestion, we have passed it on to our devs! 😉
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This is important! I live in /non-english/ language country and it seems like that we don't have different genres. Throwing all songs of the same language in the same basket ... And I like 5, maybe 10 % of them. @tekkie solution would be great!
I am super annoyed with Deezer's feature of using IP/location as a way to determine the kind music your user would prefer.

First of all, people use VPN a lot.
Second of all, they travel. Some of us travel a lot.

Why do we have to wait for a month after i just paid to get rid of music suggestions that I was never interested in?

I suggest to add an option to customize menu on the Home Page.
So people could choose what to see on their homepage grid first.

P.S.: People have pattern-based preferences in everything, and music is the first one to be barely related to the location. Because there's Internet, TV, Radio.

Honestly, I didn't care for the first 3 months, but I keep seeing suggestions from countries I've visited like 3 months ago and I didn't listen to ANY of those songs ONCE.

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Hey @Johny.Su

Thanks for your feedback, I've moved it here, so that you can vote for the idea. If you don't use VPNs, you'd only get recommendations from the country of subscription purchase.
I hate local songs. Always dislike them when i listen to them.
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It shouldn't be hard to implement option to disable suggestions based on location!

I see there are lots of really great suggestions and ideas on this forum, but nothing was implemented.
What are your devs doing all day at their work places? Moving buttons on the design from left to right or playing with NERF guns?
Please give users an option to disable location based suggestions, it is really annoying I get suggestions based on country where I am using the app, what if I dont like any of the songs? I don't like any of the songs but you keep suggesting them, why?Please give us an option.