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  • 20 December 2017
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I have had Deezer for years now. Inititally I had only one subscription/user and I had hifi. I then expanded my subscription to family so my wife and kids also could use deezer.

To my surprise this meant loosing hifi. I still dont understand why it has to be like that. I would gladly pay more for the family subsciption to get hifi.

I am at a point where I may be considering other services as hifi is rather important to me.
this unless you have some sort of plan to either have an alternative hifi subsciption, or at least make it possible for one user within the family have hifi. Mostly I will want to this at my home stereo.

best regards
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Hi @Ernst

I've put your post here because I thought it'd be good to share your opinion on the dedicated idea topic. We know how much our users want this and we're exploring all options. We'll be keeping everyone updated here.
Hi Deezer. You really should make this an option. Allowing 'family' or a significant other to share an account with different profiles whilst also allowing lossless streaming is a must. I have a tidal family account for less than $30. I won't be paying for both long term so unfortunately you'll be getting the flick soon.
I opened a trial account, again.
I really like to listen to Music in Flac format--HiFi for those unfamiliar with "flac."

From the past interaction with customer support, I learned that HiFi is available for a single user.
I find that paying over 20 dollars and have just one active user is too much, and therefore I will not keep this subscription.

I would gladly subscribe if you could have at least 2 active users at once.
And no, I don't want family plan which only allows mp3 in 320kbps at best.

I would like to share my account with someone and split the payment in two which would
be a good price for me and many other potential buyers.

So, I will be checking Deezer occasionally hoping to see a change in account terms and HiFi plan.
Best luck.
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Hey @vladimir1984

Thank you very much for your detailed feedback and input - please vote for this similar approach here.
I desperately need the family option on Deezer HiFi so my suggestion is as follows :

Give an option to choose one device as the Primary Device. The primary device is allowed to stream HiFi and all other devices default to Deezer Premium.
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Hey @Vernen

Thank you for your input. I've moved your comment here so that you can add your vote to the existing idea 😉
change plan to the hifi of 12 usd but I only have access to the main perfin and not so to the secondary ones and I want to recover the other profiles
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Hey @Rdrax! It's not possible to have family and HiFi on the same account I'm afraid, you can find further info on this topic. Please vote for it, it will definitely help 😉
I was planning on migrating to Deezer (from Spotify) because of Hi-Fi, but then realised Deezer Hi-Fi only works for 1 person. If there is a Hi-Fi Family plan, I'll be migrating to Deezer right away -but right now, I'll be postponing the move to Deezer because it's pretty similar to Spotify if there's no Hi-Fi.
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Thanks for the feedback @Rey Noel Salcedo Linaac

This is pretty much on the cards now, so hopefully more updates soon.
I have seen many questions about this that are more than one year old ... does it really take this long? Or is Deezer ok with people leaving and getting this feature at tidal?
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Hey @schmiddi

Thank you for your feedback. You're right, some of these questions are old. We've been working on other features but this has been on our pipeline for quite some time as well. Please bear with us if you can, and when we've got more news, we'll be updating this topic.
Hello. I am a premium user with 2 accounts but I want to get a family Hi Fi subscription. The problem is that only Tidal has such an option. And also H Fi for phone users - Flac quality. As I see that this topic is so old and Deezer has done nothing to change subscriptions I seriouslly taking into consideration changing provider to Tidal. Sorry Deezer but if you don't change anything people might leave you...
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Hey there @Bebizzone83

Thanks a lot for your feedback. It's important to add voice to this idea. I'll be passing your comment on to our relevant teams 👍🏼
I would sign up instantly! This needs to happen.
This needed to happen yesterday. Sort of speaking. If another music provider has this and there is a need for such a thing you should give your subscribers this option. Even if it costs more. Maybe I want to pay more for a family subscription with HiFi quality. Let me - the customer - be the judge for that. OK - not like insanely more like the price on Tidal - but you get the ideea. 🙂
I am trying Deezer for the first time, I like the service, but the lack of a hifi family plan will be a deal breaker