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Hello guys,

Just got a Google Home Max and I was so excited to play my favourite Deezer playlists just by asking until I realise Google Home is not supported by Deezer in switzerland. I have seen this subject has been around For a while now in different countries. What is the timeline to get this up and working in Switzerland?

Looking forward to your response



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Hi there, we are doing our best to add more countries to Google Home, but this does not entirely depend on us. I have changed your topic into an idea, so other people can vote for it 😉
I just purchased google from from Digitec where their site specifically mentions supports Deezer, Obs I'm a little disappointed as it was one of the principle reasons for purchase
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Hi there @Troy.Tudor

I'm sorry that felt misleading. The device itself is compatible but at the moment we're engaging with Google to expand our integration to more countries. It's a working-in-progress situation. I'll be updating each Google Home topic once there's any update.
Rudi, with all due respect you're missing the point.

I purchased the device to use with Deezer, (based on the features listed by Digitec). The value of the device is severely limited if the product is compatible, but not supported in the country where I purchased it and are using it. Further, this thread has been open for five months, and the best you can say is its work in progress.
In short, your post tells me nothing and I'm there failing to understand the point of the reply

Note: I understand Digitec have the responsibility to correctly describe the products they sell.
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Thanks for expanding on your reply. Could you please give us an idea of what had Digitec advertised (ie poster, ad, screenshot) when you purchased the device? I can arrange for feedback to be passed to the right team here.
Hi Rudi,

The Digitec item can be found here https://www.digitec.ch/fr/s1/product/google-home-blanc-gris-systemes-multiroom-6421169 where it states Fournisseur de médias en continuSpotify, Deezer, 8tracks, Google Play Music

I would be more interested to understand what Deezer are doing to provide support in Switzerland, and when that functionality might be available