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Google Home in the Netherlands

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It's about time to link Deezer with Google Home in the Netherlands. Otherwise you are at risk to lose customers to Spotify!

Also you must take a look at the link to Deezer that is used in the HEOS app. This needs improvement because it has limited possibilities. Take a look at the Spotify connexion!

Or............ Make it also possible to stream direct to WIFI boxen.


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Thank Corado, we're hoping Google Home will be expanded to more countries soon, so fingers crossed 🙂
Does the Deezer support for Home depend on the support for the Dutch language in Google Assistent?
When does deezer come to google home in the netherlands, why Spotify is on google home and deezer isn't.
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benbunink wrote:

When does deezer come to google home in the netherlands, why Spotify is on google home and deezer isn't.

Hi there, unfortunately we do not have any date yet for this. Please vote for the topic here. We will update this once we are launching un the Netherlands 😉
Please add this asap or provide a workaround

I'm using everything in the English language and still can't add deezer. What's the deal?
Please add this to Deezer. This forum is created 7 monts ago. I have now the Google Home Mini but it says it's unsupported. Please release this soon.
Is there a date for the deezer integration on google home?
Signed up just to vote for this
What is the reason Deezer is not available as default player on google home in Netherlands? All my setting is in English!? Also goodle assistance work perfect in Netherlands. Its got nothing to do with the country.
I'm a premium member since 5-6 years and you are about to lose me to Spotify just for this reason.

I bought my audio set with google assistance just because of this feature and I can not use it? Seriously?
I'm looking for a reasonable explanation why Spotify is available and Deezer not...
I need this now... Even willing to help to make it possible.
Come on guys, take us seriously ...
Hallloooho?!?!?! 🇳🇱
Also considering switch to Spotify or google music because Deezer does not work in Google Home in the Netherlands
About to switch to spotify as well. Apparently Deezer doesn’t care or realize that Google Home is booming in Holland and the lack of deezer-support is a huge thread.
Currently mainly using Spotify but would consider making a switch to Deezer if this would work too...

Being able to kick off Google Home (cast) from the Windows app would help too... then again this is not possible with Spotify either, you need to start the casting on IOS or Android.

One other difference is whilst casting, Spotify Windows app can control the casting... Deezer not by the looks...
Come on. Fix it !
Why are we waiting ?
Can someone from Deezer at least let us know what we are waiting for? Is this a technical challenge, or a commercial one? Or resources to get it set up? And which resources, from Deezer, Google, or both?

Come on, take us seriously!
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Hi there @TheRealSal

Sorry we haven't had any news about this, bud. While it involves a certain level of technicality, I don't feel this is the reason for why we don't have support for Google Home in the Netherlands - and other countries. It's a commercial partnership and it's a little bit more complicated than that - I wouldn't be able to give you a clear answer.

Both companies have their plans for the year and ours is to try our best to give our users what they want and a better experience - which also includes different platforms and partnerships. So if there's any update about this, rest assured you'll get a notification from this topic.