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Google Home in Czech Republic

seems that no one raised this idea yet, but it would be great to support Deezer in Czech Republic through Google Home. Is there any progress or some date set about the launch?

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Hi there, really sorry for the late reply. Hopefully we can launch Google Home in Czech Republic very soon. We'll keep you posted 🙂
Hello Anja, are there any news on Google home in CZ? Sofar only Spotify can be linked :-/


I am also waiting for this for a long time. Is something really being done in this matter or not? I am a long term premium subscriber and I really prefer Deezer over Spotify or god forbid Apple Music, however if this lack of action in the Google Home matter will continue you're forcing your customers to flee over to other services.

Thanks in advance for an honest and a specific reply (e.g. not "we're working on it").
Hello, any update?
Nes about this??? When is Deezer going to support Google Home in the rest of the EU? What's so complicated about it?
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@Eduard Pinos

No news as of yet. These things take a bit longer because they involve a third-party device. Sorry I couldn't give you the answer you were hoping for. Will keep everyone updated here!